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Yolanda is passionate about helping  you have a better quality of life

Yolanda is passionate about helping
you have a better quality of life

Accurate and intuitive clairvoyant

Live your life… and love it!

Do you have concerns about your future? Your health? Your goals? Do you need guidance regarding family or romantic relationships? Do you want to enrich and maximise your business or career?

Experienced psychic Yolanda can help you to identify and achieve your goals in all areas of your life with personal and business readings.

Learn to understand yourself and the influences at play around you - and learn how to make the most of your unique potential and everyday opportunities and to overcome the obstacles in your life.

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Julia Giertz - Choreographer, actor, musician www.themob.dk

"My whole reading felt like having my inner voice or my extended mind talking to me - skillfully and precisely. Instead of my usual, daily, fragmented thoughts rotating in my mind, my reading manifested as an actual clear, accurate voice. It helped me identify life-changing priorities and to determine which choices will work best for me. My confidence in my inner self has returned. Thank you so much for the reading today - it calmed me on a very deep level and I’m deeply grateful "

Julia Giertz - Choreographer, actor, musician www.themob.dk


"Yolanda, your insights are hugely valuable and right on the mark. As a professional business woman, being able to access to such practical, relevant and valuable information in such a professional and speedy way is extremely useful. Your services have certainly enhanced my decision-making resources!"

Hannah Samuel - The Reputation Champion, www.hannahsamuel.com
Speaker, author, founder of TRUSTcite NZ
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Steve Grounds - MD Eco Solutions NZ. & www.resultsmanagement.co.nz

"Yolanda's reading gave me exactly what I needed at a time when I was searching for answers about the future direction of my business ... the clarity, insights and peace of mind I obtained about my business and properties were worth gold... I received so much value from my initial business reading from Yolanda I came back for a further reading on my investment properties..."

Steve Grounds - MD Eco Solutions NZ. & www.resultsmanagement.co.nz
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“When the opportunity came to have a reading with Yolanda - I jumped at it. The revelations within the reading are a ‘turning point’ for my business. Relevant, forthright information on how to take affirmative action has been gifted…. from this reading I feel like I have a firmer grip on the rudder and the courage and conviction to chart a course into uncharted waters. Thank you so much.”

Julia Charity, Founder, Look After Me Ltd. www.lookafterme.co.nz
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"I recommend Yolanda if you want an honest and up front reading that will guide you in the direction needed. Yolanda is a person of integrity and does not bother with "fluff" but tells it how it is. She genuinely wants the best for her clients and due to this, I came away from my reading with clear and concise steps of what I need to focus on and address in my life. I look forward to my next reading, it truly is worth every cent."

Emma Foley - www.fixy.co
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"Yolanda's readings have been a 100% accurate understanding of the situations of my life and have provided the insights, direction and comfort that I needed during the most stressful and the most exciting times. Her readings have consistently directed me in the best possible direction and I unreservedly recommend her services to anyone seeking intuitive guidance in any area of their life"…

Nicholas Penny, Director Easynsure Ltd. www.easynsure.co.nz
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"Yolanda, I'd like to express my heartfelt appreciation for my recent reading with you … I'm feeling empowered and excited with my future business direction and growth … Your insights into my partner and our current situation have given us such a beautiful experience of what was potentially highly stressful for both of us… every time I listen, I gain new understandings … "

Sandie Hunt - Facilitator and Personal Coach www.in-roads.co.nz
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